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By Mike Kutka, Publisher of Staffdigest

A 40-minute audio program designed to tighten your ship in these uncertain times. How many of your standards, policies, and procedures were bypassed or discarded when the economy was flying high?

Our review includes:
Admit it - You really are in sales
When to ask for additional job orders
Pre-screening applicants on the phone
Developing employee relationships that pay off
Performance checks - Who do you call? What do you say?
The important "end of assignment" question
Job orders you may be missing
Your best new employees come from ____?
First impressions - No, the applicant will not forget
The three phases of an applicant interview
10 tips for conducting better orientations
How do you respond to, "Your bill rate is too high!"
Are you making best use of your temporary employees?

YES! I want THE STAFFING COORDINATOR, Part 1 of the Back to Basics Series audio tape

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Revive, Recharge and Revitalize Your Staffing Company's Sales Force with...
193 SALES STRATEGIES For The Staffing Industry

No other book exists for staffing services on selling your company's staffing services! A "MUST HAVE" for innovative staffing services who want to increase sales and company profits! 193 articles.

Articles include:
It's Not What You Say
Sales Life
Read the Fine Print...
What it Takes to Succeed
Selling is NOT a Team Sport
How to Sell Through Voice Mail
Dramatic Listening, etc.
Making the Right Pricing Decisions
Women in Sales
Pricing - Your Fees are Obsolete
Business Letters
60 Second Survey
Gross Margin Madness
Be Quiet & Let Them Buy
Are You Presenting or...
The About Face, etc.
How to Drive Your Competition Crazy
RFP Or Proposal Idiocy
Letters of Rejection to RFP's
When in Rome Don't Wear...
Follow Through
Hire A Neurotic Sales Rep
Six Keys to Negotiating
A Rich Idea
A Focus On Sales
Selling Value to the Price Conscious
The Creative Side to Making the Deal
No Matter What Else Is Happening - Keep Selling
Negotiating For Success
If There's Enough Pain, People Don't Care What They Pay
Sales Excellence vs. Excellent Sales
The Power To Negotiate
Hone Your Sharpest Sales Weapon
Mind Games: Get the Mental Edge in Selling
Escaping the Money Box
Baby, Light That Fire!
Creating the Uncrackable Account
Salesperson... Amateur or Pro?
Why Be A Sub-Vendor in a Tight Labor Market?
The Art of Negotiating
Why Do Our Sales Stink?
It's Time to Put the Squeeze on Master Vendors
What You Bring to the Table
Mental Toughness, Beating Burnout
The 26 Call Burst
Giant Slaying
Make 'em Pay or Dump 'em!
Do You Use This Money Making Sales Tool?
The One-Legged Salesman!
Shoot for the Moon!


193 Sales Strategies includes articles, form letter and additional ideas for increasing your staffing company's sales.

Book, $77 each

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