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Since 1984, staffdigest has provided owners, managers and sales executives of staffing companies with money making articles designed to increase sales and boost profit margins. These articles are written by those out in the trenches every day; owners, managers, and sales professionals who work in the staffing industry. These articles are specifically written to make or save you and your staffing firm money. Join thousands of staffing industry professionals to subscribe or renew your subscription today!

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staffdigest articles from past issues:
  • Tempnapping - Our Saga, Your Solution
  • The Truth about Buyers
  • Volume or Risk...An Explosive Decision
  • Why I'm Certified
    Return to Work (RTW)
  • A Former Branch Manager Speaks Out!
  • Choosing the Right Broker
  • Recruiting at the Big Bookstores
  • Niche Staffing
  • Recruiter Compensation
    The 10 Biggest Mistakes
    in Phone Sales
  • Expansion Via Acquisition
  • Voice Mail: Friend or Foe?
  • SURVEY - Making the Most of Sales Meetings
  • Hot Staffing Sectors
  • Adecco Buys Olsten; Vedior Enters U.S.
  • Staffing as Individual as a Thumbprint
  • Learn to Fail or Lose the Sale
  • Recruiting and Retaining Your Sales Staff
  • Counsel's Corner
  • Selling Strategies for Difficult Prospects
    What Makes a Good Salesperson?
  • Training the '2000' Temp
  • Bilingual Recruiting
  • Turning Salespeople into Managers
  • Negotiating the Sub-Vendor Agreement
  • Dear Terry
  • Canada, Oh Canada!
  • Finding the Staffing Software for Your Firm
  • Choosing a Consultant: Some Do's and Don'ts
  • Sales Star to Rookie Manager
  • Success with GenX?
  • 3 Questions every Staffing Service Must Answer
  • Hit the "HOT" Button!
  • What Makes Temps Stay? It's More Than High Pay!
  • Around the Globe
  • The Creative Side of Making the Deal
  • Gearing Up for any Temporary Slowdown
  • Job Training that Works
  • Plus Dozens more sales, operations, and recruiting articles! 

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