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Selective Prospecting

By Mike Kutka

Prospecting for new customers is a never ending process. It is a question of where you decide to seek out new accounts. The large companies who use many temporary employees have swarms of staffing companies constantly trying to become a supplier of staffing services. These prospects are in the position to dictate bill rates and margins that are far below what is necessary for a reasonable gross profit. There are other negative factors to servicing these kind of accounts; such as assigning your top employee to fill low margin accounts and then having no one available to fill a full mark-up assignment for a small to medium customer. Selectivity when prospecting for new accounts will determine your long-term growth and profits. The number of weekly customers serviced is the barometer of how you are progressing. The small and medium customers lift you out of the danger zone of having the majority of your billable hours with a limited number of customers. You can and probably have been cut off from a large customer who turned to a national company. Don't let it happen! Become a small business specialist.



Creating Recruiting Source Kits

By Paula Greer, Editor

What do you leave with the recruiting sources youíre trying to develop when you make a recruiting call? Company brochure? A business card? Not too memorable is it?

Itís time to develop a recruiting source kit that works for you. Whatís a recruiting source kit?

First, itís packaged attractively and looks fun. It could be a colorful bag or box, perhaps with a company sticker on the exterior of it.

Next, it contains a number of your business cards, generic recruiting brochures, most recent job postings, recruiting flyers, testimonial letters, anything that could help develop your recruiting sources.

Donít forget to include some ad specialty items: company mug, paper clip holder, T-shirt, pencils, etc. Perhaps even a few candies to sweeten the kit.

Remember, you want your recruiting source kit to be memorable. It should quietly scream Ė Send Me Referrals!



Show Concern

By Paula Greer, Editor


An important part of retention is showing concern for temporaries as individuals. By making temporaries aware that you care about their personal growth, they feel like a team member of your staffing service. An easy class to put together for your temporaries that shows concern for their personal growth is creative journaling.

The supplies you need include a journal and a pen for each participant and an instructor. Perhaps there is someone among your staff who currently journals that could lead the session.

I recently took a creative journaling workshop. We each received a journal, discussed what we wanted to accomplish by journaling and then did a couple of creative writing exercises to get started. Exercise one was a technical writing description of an outdoor landscaped area and exercise two was a poetic writing exercise describing a lake.

Your temporaries will complete the class knowing you care about them. They may also be on their way to acquiring new writing skills and have a new mode of self-expression. And itís all because you showed concern for the personal development of your temporaries.





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